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Warehouse code:   SLIF0018

Description Warehouse:

  Building Type:   Clasa A

  Working hours:   07:00-21:00

  Address:   Ilfov, CHIAJNA

  Total space:   12000 m2

  Available space:   3000 m2


  •     -  ADR;
  •     -  General Cargo;
  •     -  Ambiental;

  Description:   The warehouse had General Cargo, Ambiental and ADR Cerifications

  20T truck access

  Platform Acces


  Cargo insurance



Minimum weeks agreed by the supplier:   1

Minimum pallets approved by the supplier:   50

Services offered

  • Pallet Storage (storage & handling in & handling out)

  • WMS

  • Picking

  • Palletization /Pallet Rebuilt

  • Wrapping pallet

  • Cross Dock

  • Transportation Services

Warehouse photos

Poza depozit
Poza depozit
Poza depozit

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