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Storage-Logistics is the first warehousing marketplace in Romania, offering a wide variety of flexible storage spaces for rental, with all the facilities included.

Storage Logistics solves your need to deposit goods in the right type of available warehouses in the market, bringing fast and efficient solutions to finding suitable solutions for flexible warehousing with facilities included.

Our platform offers the right answer to uncertainty, unplanned deposit needs or any spikes or goods overload that you might face with your business.



Benefit from fast solutions, adapted to your immediate needs, with no constraints.


Access a wide nationwide network of available warehouses and facilities, through one single point of access.


Optimize your operational and team costs as well as storage and distribution expenditures.

Access the largest nationwide warehousing network

Storage-Logistics is the widest online nationwide network that offers access to a variety of warehousing and logistics solutions, fit for any need, from renting to listing the right available storage for anyone.

Through our platform, your access to your desired warehouse and logistics services is one click away. Just book it online, anytime from anywhere you might be.

Companies now have the flexibility to easily rent temporary warehousing solutions with all facilities included, in verified storage spaces by paying exclusively for what and how long they use them.

We constantly add new warehouses that will offer you the possibility to deposit your goods in facilities in Romania, anywhere and at any time.

Services I Costs I Sustainability


1. Access to a national storage and logistics network

2. No long-term commitments

3. A more flexible logistical process



4. Replace your fixed costs with variable ones

5. Reduced CAPEX

6. Generated new income and larger occupancy levels


7. Reduced delivery distances

8. Reduced CO2 emissions

9. Direct your added income to business growth

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