ON-DEMAND WAREHOUSING, anywhere in Romania.

Storage-Logistics connects warehouse services providers that have excess storage space and logistics services with companies or shippers that need a flexible short-term storage solution.

Storage-Logistics offers the pay-as-you-go model, which helps companies and retailers have easy, flexible and cost-effective storage solutions or medium-term commitment.

Storage-Logistics introduces the concept of on-demand warehousing services and fulfillment for the first time to Romanian Logistics Market, offering a single point of contact to platform users in order to find available short-term warehousing services to match with each warehousing request.


Simple and impactful

We provide you the tools you need to quickly grow your business or your portfolio.


We give you the visibility and control you need to increase your distribution area and storage space.

Increase your sales

Optimize your distribution costs through the efficiency of the Storage-Logistics platform.

Find the warehouse dedicated to your business!

Build your national distribution and storage network.

Storage-Logistics is the largest online platform with storage facilities. Over 300 warehouses with national coverage that will give you the possibility to store goods anywhere in Romania and anytime. You’ll find deposits depending on the assets you manage.

We offer national coverage adapted to your needs and the desired period.


Respond quickly to your challenges

Build a dynamic distribution network.

Reduce distances and delivery time.

Reduce fuel costs.

All these cost savings to improve the experience of your customers.



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